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It is increasingly evident that the urbanization of Los Monasterios de Puzol, with its proximity to the capital city, (just a quarter of an hour away), and the best beaches only a few kilometres from its gates, is one of the best places to live in the province of Valencia. This beautiful urbanization is set on the Sierra Calderona, with 600 km of mountains ready to be explored and enjoyed. In addition, Los Monasterios has one of the best country clubs in the province of Valencia, as well as a magnificent security protocol. The development is also situated near some of the best schools in Valencia.

The urbanization of Los Monasterios is luxury living that continues to ascend, and that is indisputable.

The Monasterios Residences is a very exciting echelon of luxury apartments, offering the highest quality of life, as well as a fantastic investment opportunity. Here are the reasons why you should consider investing in this luxurious urbanization:


When discussing homes, what defines genuine luxury? Luxury to us suggests abundant space, favourable location, breath-taking views, comfort, and security, but above all luxury signifies freedom. The freedom that your home offers you, the freedom that gives you the possibility of leaving your apartment to travel around the world without having to worry about maintenance or other unforeseeable problems in your absence. Los Monasterios offers all of this, without sacrificing the superb environment, and services and facilities that are included within this luxury urbanization, Once again, with 600 km of wonderful mountain views right at your doorstep.


The last development of new builds that were constructed in Los Monasterios was several decades ago. The new and semi-new builds are always very attractive products that generate a lot of demand. Ten years may pass, which is a life-cycle in this type of location, yet the house will continue to feel new and fresh. There is already evidence of this happening in Alfinach, with an apartment that was built in 2010. Any time a property comes up for sale, our clients jump at the opportunity. The original quality is a guarantee of sound investment, which is yet another indication of its inherent luxury.


Since the real estate market reached its lowest point in 2014, the volume of sales has been very good year after year, to such a point that in Los Monasterios, the low supply of available properties in the € 300,000 to € 900,000 price range is a setback for eager buyers. The development also bears a scarcity of suitable land for new builds.

Properties in Los Monasterios are limited, and there are only around 20 empty plots, of which slightly more than half are for sale, and not all of them boast a consistent balance between quality and price.

The rental market in Los Monasterios is tremendous, with a high demand generated every year by the international schools in the area. The lack of supply is as evident as it is in the sale market. In fact, both markets are stressed due to the greatly reduced inventory.

The apartments in Los Monasterios Residences can collect rental fees between € 1,800- € 4,000 with ease, in the current market situation, and based on a market study carried out by us.



When you purchase a home in the residences of Los Monasterios you gain access to one of the best country clubs in the province of Valencia. With 5 swimming pools, 7 paddle courts, 5 tennis courts, a basketball court, soccer pitch, children’s playground, a golf course, and perhaps most importantly, an exquisite restaurant, serving some of the best paellas in the community. This country club offers exclusive access to endless sports facilities, complete with a wonderful restaurant.


Our office is located in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento of Valencia, in the heart of the city. Prior to the government-imposed quarantine, you typically had to wait during rush hour to have lunch or a coffee in one of the local establishments.  As things are slowly returning to normal the same establishments are functioning at half their capacity, there are more parking spaces, and big companies have realized the many benefits of remote-work arrangements. The first priority is to quell the pandemic, however with remote work you will find savings in parking fees, gasoline, dining allowances, as well as office space rental costs. In addition, new technologies help and promote the concept of ​working ​remotely. Platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, Skype and many others help to facilitate remote group work.

With remote work becoming the new normal, the outskirts of large cities will benefit from expansive properties with larger outdoor spaces, offering better value for your money.

If you have the opportunity to work from home, then why not do it from your comfortable indoor space or beautiful outdoor space, enjoying the stunning views, and the luxury of your surroundings.