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The name Monte Picayo radiates traditions on all sides. Many people remember the years of splendor of the famous casino and an old hotel. Great people of the national and international scene visited their facilities, starting from Julio Iglesias, Lola Flores, and Rocío Jurado, passing through Glen Ford, Jerry lee Lewis, and Gina Lollobrigada, among others. Even princes and kings.

At that time the famous community was, undoubtedly, the most luxurious in Valencia. It was created by Don Jesús Gómez Escardo more than 50 years ago, in an absolutely amazing enclave with sea views, and settled on one of the most beautiful mountains in the province of Valencia. The views of the sea are unquestionable, the contact with nature and the sensation of breathing fresh air is special, and thanks to its orography it is a very safe community. It is located 6.5 km away from the sea and 20 km from Valencia, and it is not necessary to go through the town of Puzol to access the capital, which allows quick access.

Nevertheless, the magnificence of the community of Monte Picayo, has been at some low point for several years now. To the closure of the hotel and the casino in 2007, we must add the deficiencies that have existed in the community since its creation, and the passage of time only emphasizes them. Deficiencies in basic installation, such as sewage, pipe network, drinking water, etc. It is a pity that such an emblematic community has countless telephone poles with dangling cables in sight and lacks sewage service, among other shortages that are perfectly rectifiable. The management of the community has been good in recent years, but investment in improvements has been very poor, and the difference in the level of quality of life compared to other communities of the area such as Alfinach and Los Monasterios, each time becomes bigger. It is pity because Monte Picayo is the most secure, the one with the best views, its environment is marvelous, also it is the calmest (as reside 156 families) and no doubt the one with a better connection to Valencia.

The amazing news for the community of Monte Picayo is that its period of stagnation and decline is coming to an end and important changes are coming that will make this community resurge like Phoenix. Moreover, the new construction projects, and the renovation of the luxury properties, that have been carried out in the last years, are giving fresh air to the area, creating a noticeable segment of luxury housing within the community.

In 2019 the owners´ community of Monte Picayo won a lawsuit against the Sagunto city council, which oblige the latter to bring basic services to the community. In this sense, the Sagunto city council has already defined itself and is going to provide the community with sewerage, and drinking water, and it is going to keep the lighting, which requires its review and update. The city hall is not going to create sidewalks due to the difficulty and cost that would be implied. However, the simple fact of raising the streets to equip the complex with sanitation will be very positive to take advantage of and include other services such as city gas or to keep channeled communication networks as well, among many other advantages.

The interior reform plan of Monte Picayo will bring very positive consequences for 156 families, residing in the community, who, no doubt will de facto see the revaluation of the residential complex and thus of the price of their properties. Consult PRI-2

But the good news for Monte Picayo does not end here. The owner company of the hotel complex and of the casino, tired of the situation in which its properties find themselves, is making a move with a certain push. In fact, a residential complex, proposed with 37 properties, a hotel, and most importantly, a social club open for the neighbors of Monte Picayo. The project has been working for 2 years, having as favorable the reports of the urban planning technicians of the city council, as well as the unanimous approval from the residents of Monte Picayo, after the extraordinary assembly that was held in April 2022 at the petition, precisely of the juridical services of the city council of Sagunto.

Inexplicably, the project has been paralyzed as for the city council, it does not favor the general interest of the citizens of Sagunto and the project itself yes entails an enrichment of the property.

However, there are other projects of different investment funds with eyes set on the hotel complex of Monte Picayo. The arrival of the Giga Volkswagen factory and the consequent increase in economic activity, together with the will on the part of the property to provide an outlet for its assets, means that the ghostly state, in which these facilities are found, begins to have many options to come back to life, and if it does, whatever format it is, it will be a very important plus that will add a lot of value to the Monte Picayo community.

To these internal factors, we must add other external conditions, that greatly favor the community, which are the following: The pandemic produced by Covid-19, which has immensely favored the properties with gardens in this environment. High price levels in the communities of Alfinach and Monasterios cause the demand to start to look in the direction of Monte Picayo (this already happened in 2005-2006). The demand for places in international schools in the area does not let it increase. As well as the arrival in Sagunto of the Giga Volkswagen battery factory, creating tens of thousands of direct quality jobs, and as many indirect ones.

Monte Picayo is a precious low-maintenance aircraft that has been parked in the hangar for many years. While the rest of the communities of Puzol are close to reaching their maximum height of the flight, the famous Monte Picayo is finally on the take-off runway, ready to ascend to the sky.

If you would like to make a good investment in real estate in the medium-long term, buy plots in Monte Picayo with views of the sea and at a good price, or properties to rent, for which you could obtain a good income and wait… HAPPY FLIGHT!

Pau Mollá: Real estate agent specializing in the communities of Alfinach, Los Monasterios and Monte Picayo.


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